Customer Satisfaction

Each Raycop KOREA Inc. customer has a Customer Focus Team (CFT) responsible for helping to drive success. The CFT

  • Identifies and clearly understands customer expectations, i.e. quality, delivery, communication, service and technical requirements.
  • Executes to and beyond the customer's expectation.

Monitors the level of customer satisfaction

  • Addresses complaints following our fast response, closed loop process.
  • Ensures a "customer first" approach.

To drive continuously higher levels of sustained customer satisfaction,
we have a range of quality processes focused on Customer Satisfaction Management, including

  • The Customer Expectation (CE) Process
    Which helps to articulate and manage customer requirements appropriately so that Raycop KOREA Inc. exceeds expectations.
  • The Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)
    A customer satisfaction measurement process that quantifies the satisfaction levels of all customers based on the CE process guidelines.
    Results are reviewed weekly by senior and functional management.
  • The Customer Complaint Resolution Process (CCRP)
    A systematic and timely approach Plan-Do-Check-Act for meeting customer expectations and responding to customer complaints.
  • The Internal Customer Satisfaction Index (ICSI)
    A process directed toward Raycop Korea internal customers. Organization and support service functions within Raycop KOREA Inc. measure the level of satisfaction of their internal customers.
    The approach to the ICSI mirrors the external CSI process and is conducted on a quarterly basis.