CEO Greetings

“Making our customer’s successful business through 40 years of Raycop Korea’s manufacturing experience and knowledge.”

Raycop KOREA Inc. established in 1978, has developed as a strong and professional company based on customer’s trust and manufacturing professionalism built over many years starting from automotive parts business to electronic industrial parts and innovative health appliance.

Our company has been focusing on high-efficient production system development to stock specialized competitiveness of the customer within the rapidly changing global market trend. On the other hand, our company has been putting all effort in acquiring original technology to become the leading partner in future skills.

Raycop Korea provides various services to fulfill the best values of the customer including best design based on expert group of each group and production system know-how, quality management in challenging to zero defect rate along with quick and accurate post-management.

Rapcop Korea employees will always listen to the voices of our customer and promise to play the role as locomotive to everyone successful business by putting great deal of effort.

Also, as an eco-friendly company, our company will be leading in environmental management and also seek continuous growth by being active in various social contributions.

Progressively, thank you for the love and support and always keep eyes on our company that will be developing as the world’s best manufacturing company.

Raycop KOREA Inc. CEO Lee Sung-jin